Dr. Stephen Pizzale, Internal Medicine/ Cardiology


Client since 2013
“I can’t say enough good things about Steve and the group at JCL Medical Systems.  They really take the time to ensure that I understand how to bill properly and efficiently and spent countless hours going over my billings giving me feedback and direction for change.  They were relentless in going after returned claims and always submitted on time without delay.  I would recommend their services to anyone.”


Dr. Sheryl Gutzin, Internal Medicine

Client since 2001
“I highly recommend JCL Medical Systems as a billing service.  Having been a client of JCL for over ten years, I can confidently say they are a most professional, reliable, and trustworthy company.  They accurately and efficiently recover your billings.  Using their services makes billing a stress free process.  It is a pleasure being a client of JCL Medical Systems."


Dr. Andy Gotowiec, Psychiatry

Client since 2009
“JCL has been processing my billings for almost 6 years and I have been very satisfied with their work.  They understand OHIP billing rules and provide quick and accurate help that allows me to optimize my billings for the work I do.  They are endlessly helpful and pleasant to work with.  I have already referred colleagues to JCL and I do not hesitate to recommend them to other physicians.”


Dr. Sean Wharton, Internal Medicine

Client since 2004
“I am an internist working at both hospital and a community practice setting.  I have been with JCL Medical Systems since I finished my residency, for almost 8 years now.  I have been very pleased with their services since the very beginning.  In fact, I have referred over 10 other MDs to JCL’s services, and I still have colleagues thanking me for the referral.  JCL has handled both my private billing and the group billing for my clinic, with over 12 doctors working at the clinic.  JCL has a team of professionals that will not accept no for an answer when it comes to chasing down a billing.  That is what every doctor wants, a service that makes sure that every dollar you worked for is paid out to you.  JCL also advises me on how best to bill.  I had a ton of questions at the start and still have questions with the ever changing billing codes.  JCL not only helped to answer my questions, but also recommended better ways of billing.  Overall JCL has been an incredibly important aspect of my professional life.”


Dr. Anees Sindi, Internal Medicine, Respirology, and Critical Care Medicine

Client since 2011
“You provide a fantastic service.  You make billing worry-free and I can trust the staff at JCL to keep me informed of outstanding claims and billing issues.  Working with you has allowed me to focus on providing high quality patient care instead of billing OHIP.  When I first started you were extraordinarily helpful in getting me set up correctly with the Ministry and with EDT.  I’m totally satisfied and strongly recommending you to every colleague who’s looking for billing help.”


Dr. Jeremy Paikin, Internal Medicine, Cardiology Fellow

Client since 2011
“JCL Medical is a great choice for new doctors who are starting their practice. They provide an excellent, personalized service that is very good value. The JCL team started with a lesson on how to bill and they have continued to provide an excellent consultative/educational service along the way. They are experts in their field. Billing is a very daunting task for beginners because the system is so complex. JCL not only accurately inputs my billing, but they review everything with a critical eye. This gives me great confidence and peace of mind when I submit my claims.”


Dr. Roseann Andreou, Haematology

Client since 2007
“I have been using JCL Medical Systems since 2007. The staff, specifically Cathy and Steve, has always been both professional and courteous. They are diligent and timely in claim processing and follow-up. The monthly reports are clear and concise. I would recommend them without reservation.”

Dr. Benny Wong, Internal Medicine

Client since 2003
“We have been clients of JCL for almost 12 years. It has been a very pleasant and satisfying relationship. They are always quick and reliable when submitting OHIP, IFH, and Third Party billings. Their efficiency is amazing. We have no hesitation in recommending them to fellow physicians who want hassle-free handling of their billings.”

Dr. Sasha High, Internal Medicine

Client since 2012
“I have been working with JCL Medical since I started independent practice nearly six months ago. As a new grad, I had a huge list of questions and needed a lot of guidance for matters including obtaining my billing number, applying for EDT, and billing appropriately. The JCL team has walked me through the entire process and has been in constant communication to provide feedback on my billing to ensure it is both appropriate and optimal. JCL has provided me with detailed reports of my billings, including unprocessed claims, rejected claims and non-OHIP billing claims, as well as an action plan to let me know how they are following up on any rejected claims. JCL is a smaller billing agency, which means a much more personal relationship with my billing agent and close attention to detail. Knowing that my billing is well looked after allows me to focus on my clinical duties. It is my great pleasure to recommend JCL!”

Dr. Jeff Powis, Infectious Diseases

Client since 2006
“I have had the pleasure of working with JCL Medical for the past 9 years. All of the members of the JCL group are extremely efficient, organized, and professional. They make billing easy - I never have to worry about it. Refused claims are followed up quickly and very few claims ever remain unpaid. They ensure that claims are maximized and communicate with me frequently regarding suggestions for improvement. They are an excellent resource when questions about billing arise, and if they don’t know the answer they will talk to the Ministry directly and get it for you. I have no reservations recommending JCL - they make billing worry free.”

Pam Kavanagh, Business Manager, WCH Psychiatry Associates

Client since 2007
“Our psychiatry partnership has been using the services of JCL Medical Systems for the past five years and has been extremely happy with them. The staff is very pleasant, knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, and professional at all times and always goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend JCL Medical Systems to any medical practice.”

Dr. Vik Khera, Internal Medicine

Client since 2009
“I’ve been using JCL for my individual and group billing practice for the last four years and they have done an absolutely incredible job. JCL is extremely thorough, professional, and has a tremendous wealth of knowledge in the billing realm. It is this wealth of knowledge that sets them apart from other billing groups in this province. They are essential for physicians wishing to maximize their billing yield and knowledge either individually or as a group. I can say with utmost confidence that they have become an essential part of my practice.”

Dr. Maria Valois, Internal Medicine

Client since 2001
“I have been with JCL Medical Systems for 14 years now. Their service is very professional. They address problematic issues in a timely manner & provide solutions to maximize my income. I have referred them to several colleagues, and everyone has been happy with their service. They are amazingly successful at collecting from insurance companies, individuals without coverage, and other provinces. I feel they are taking care of tedious billing issues to allow me to focus on my career rather than wasting time figuring out how OHIP works. I highly recommend, without hesitation, JCL Medical Systems to anyone looking for a billing agency that delivers service with impeccable reliability.”

Dr. Asheer Sharman, Internal Medicine & Critical Care

Client since 2010
“Steve and his staff have been absolutely excellent with my billings. I have had a number of billing agents in the past and am quite certain when I say that JCL is the best I have had. They make the OHIP billing process seamless. I highly recommend them to all of my colleagues.”

Dr. Rob Struk, Optometrist

Client since 2007
“I’ve been with JCL for over five years now and couldn’t be happier. The staff is extremely helpful, courteous, and easy to get in contact with. My billings have always been done in a very punctual, professional manner and no detail has ever been overlooked. I highly recommend their services.”


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