New MD Graduates

Just finished your residency? Learn how JCL can help with your OHIP Billing

New Graduate Set-Up

We’ll help set you up for OHIP billing, and get you that first paycheck faster!

  • Getting your OHIP Billing Number
  • Setting up banking information
  • MCEDT registration

OHIP Billing Training

Our clients benefit from our experience from the day they sign up.

  • Training in OHIP billing & diagnostic codes
  • Recommend codes & premiums
  • Provide specialty specific information

High Initial Capture Rates

Using our services means you won’t lose revenue during those first crucial months.

  • Bill all eligible codes right from the get-go
  • Have all rejected claims dealt with from day 1
  • Reduce lost income by eliminating the learning curve

Get in Touch!

JCL has been helping new graduates navigate OHIP billing for over 30 years! We’d love to hear from you!

I have been with JCL Medical Systems since I finished my residency, for almost 8 years now.  I have been very pleased with their services since the very beginning. In fact, I have referred over 10 other MDs to JCL’s services, and I still have colleagues thanking me for the referral.  JCL has a team of professionals that will not accept no for an answer when it comes to chasing down a billing. That is what every doctor wants, a service that makes sure that every dollar you worked for is paid out to you.