Questions about our billing services?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JCL taking on new clients?

Yes.  We are always looking to expand our business and continue our growth so the next 25 years are as great as the last 25.

How long does it take to get set up for OHIP billing with JCL?

For established doctors already billing elsewhere, the set up time is about a week. For new doctors it can be up to 4-8 weeks, depending on Ministry of Health workloads.   To begin working with JCL, you need:

  1. A billing number registered with the MOH (4-8 weeks)
  2. An MCEDT account, where JCL is invited as a designee (under 1 hour)
  3. To get set up in our system (1 week)

How can I get my work to you?

The most secure ways to submit billing sheets to JCL are by scanning & uploading to Sharefile or by faxing.  Both methods retain the original sheet with the doctor. Some of our physicians mail or express post their work to us.  For local hospitals where we have many clients, we can also arrange monthly or bi-weekly pickups at Trillium, TEGH, and NYGH.

What are your billing deadlines?

OHIP has a posted cut-off date of the 18th of the month, which means that they will process all claims they receive by that date with the deposit arriving around the 15th of the following month.  Since many of our physicians are submitting work to us at that time, and to allow us processing time, we encourage all physicians to get their work to us by the 10th of the month.  For clients with busy practices, daily or weekly billing submissions are better and usually allow us to extend the deadline past the 10th.

What information does JCL require to submit claims to OHIP?

OHIP requires certain information for billing purposes.  All claims need to include:

  • patient name
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • OHIP number
  • date of service
  • diagnosis
  • service code
  • admit dates for inpatient services
  • referring physician/ nurse practitioner for consults

Writing in the diagnosis (Chest Pain) or describing the service instead of the including the code (785) is perfectly fine. For hospital billing, we also require the location of the visit: Emergency department, inpatient ward, outpatient clinic, rehab, etc. Noting the time of the visit is also helpful to ensure that we bill the correct special visits, if applicable.

What are your Fees?

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of paid monthly OHIP claims. We do not charge for unpaid claims or claims we’re still in the process of following up. We charge a small flat fee for Third Party, Private, Quebec, or IFHP invoices.

  • For individual specialists, our rate is typically 2 – 2.5% plus HST.
  • For consulting work or groups, please call us or request a quote here.

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