Let JCL solve your billing problems


Outstanding bills growing?  Have you lost income due to stale-dated claims? Does your admin staff need support in dealing with errors and reconciliation?

Call us in to consult while you continue to do your billing in-house. We’re experienced in billing for multiple specialties, and can offer you:

  • an honest assessment of your situation
  • solutions to immediate problems
  • options going forward


JCL can come in and consult with your group regularly while your staff does the billing. We ensure that your group hasn’t missed out on any premiums, and reconcile your payments to the penny. We’ll also train your staff and advise you on the best way to bill for your particular specialty.

Alternately, we can manage your group’s billing from submission to payment on an outsource basis.

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JCL offers educational seminars on medical billing for groups of 5 or more Physicians. If you and your colleagues need to brush up on your codes, or are newly certified physicians looking for guidance on getting set up with the Ministry of Health, call us today to set up your seminar.


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JCL has provided me with detailed reports of my billings, including unprocessed claims, rejected claims and non-OHIP billing claims, as well as an action plan to let me know how they are following up on any rejected claims.

-Dr. Sasha High, Internal Medicine

Our psychiatry partnership has been using the services of JCL Medical Systems for the past five years and has been extremely happy with them. The staff always goes above and beyond.

-P. Kavanaugh, Business Manager

JCL has handled both my private billing and the group billing for my clinic, with over 12 doctors working at the clinic.  JCL has a team of professionals that will not accept no for an answer when it comes to chasing down a billing.  That is what every doctor wants, a service that makes sure that every dollar you worked for is paid out to you.

– Dr. Sean Wharton, Internal Medicine